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Welcome to Ridgeland Aqua Farms.  We’re happy you found us! 

Located in the RM of Springfield, Manitoba, Canada’s oldest Rural Municipality, Ridgeland has a long tradition of producing high quality food products from its diversified farming operations.  In 2007, Ridgeland decided to catch the wave of the future and further diversify by developing Ridgeland Aqua Farms- a sustainable Arctic Char farming operation. 

Our land-based, indoor, contained fish farm is equipped with modern recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency registered processing facilities.  We are a fully integrated establishment that spawns, hatches, rears juveniles, grows out and processes high quality Arctic Char on a continuous basis.  Being involved in all aspects of the production cycle gives us full control from egg to plate allowing us to have a deep understanding of the fish products we have to offer.   

We are committed to continually refining our systems and management to strive for better results.  We use leading edge clean technologies that allow for best environmental performance in the industry while monitoring and maintaining a high standard of animal care and welfare.  We maximize resource efficiency by recycling nutrients through the production of lettuce and herbs using the principles of aquaponics.  Our low impact on the local environment makes our fish a best choice for customers committed to sourcing the most sustainable seafood options.  We are proud to be among a group of leaders that are advancing sustainable freshwater aquaculture in Canada by participating in many local and national initiatives.      

Arctic Char is a fresh new seafood option that is gaining popularity on the plate.  Like other members of the salmon and trout family, Arctic Char is versatile and tastes great when baked, barbequed, pan fried or even served as sashimi.  Its uniquely rich flavour lends itself well to various culinary preparations and can be substituted in for many fish recipes to make for memorable centre of the plate, small-plate or appetizer experiences.    

Our Arctic Char is a celebration of our region and has been featured for over 10 years on the menus of some of Western Canada’s finest independent restaurants.  We at Ridgeland are happy to bring our locally grown, all-natural Arctic Char that is loaded with functional omega-3s to you!  Ask for Ridgeland Arctic char at your favourite restaurants or pick up some of our fillets to try something new at home.      

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